The GRACY Principle

vi·sion – noun \vi-zhên\: something perceived in a dream, trance, spell, or stupor: a manifestation to the senses of something immaterial.

cause – noun \kôz\: that which gives rise to an action, or purpose: something that brings about an effect or a result.

Most organizations offer a VISION Statement, Gracy sustains success through its CAUSE, to:


Business Model

Gracy’s stratagem leads the Wholesale Market Theory – We buy volume and pay cash – we redistribute this value to the market.

We do this by following distinct guidelines:

1) We take nothing at face value. The current market is grossly overpriced. We determine real, intrinsic value – and buy for much less.

2) Every unit we buy has been contemplated with a predetermined exit point.

3) We reject trades that do not meet or exceed alternative investment opportunities and would deny value to the market.

Competitive Advantage - Relevance

Gracy has made substantial investments in market intelligence. We track global inventory on a daily basis; dispassionately distilling this activity with objective analytics, building and maintaining one of the largest vessel data libraries in the industry. We have been fortunate to foresee market trends and valuations with pinpoint accuracy. As advisors to Marine Financers Gracy overshadows market incumbents and sets propriety in market valuation.

“Gracy doesn’t go with the flow – we set the course and the pace”

Competitive Advantage - Transactional Efficiency

Through more than 700 vessel transactions Gracy has perfected its process architecture to reduce cycle and execution time. This affords Gracy to identify, secure, market, and sell/deliver motor yachts at a remarkably swift pace, turning inventory every 90 days – opposed to the industry average of 569 days.

“Gracy is faster”

Competitive Advantage - Access

Gracy enjoys unique, direct and ongoing dialogue with institutional fleet owners and principal decision makers; together, we engage in thoughtful exchanges related to shared objectives. The result is the development of an incredibly broad set of proprietary relationships that empower our acquisition search, negotiation, management, and sale process. This access spans the global business and yachting community and is truly a Gracy differentiator.

“Gracy dispels incumbent bureaucracy”

Value Proposition

By tactically fusing market intelligence, process proficiency, and direct sourcing, Gracy is able to transition from the conceptual, to the pragmatic: yielding and sustaining value to our partners on both ends of every trade.